Better VLOOKUP For Excel

Create: software to create custom Excel functions with no programming experience:

  • Extract data into Excel from Excel, Access, MS SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle, ODBC
  • Works with cloud databases
  • Similar to Vlookup

Reuse: one time setup allows reuse of your custom Excel function

  • On your computer (across ALL workbooks)
  • In your organization (across entire company with network share)

Share: data in your company without emailing spreadsheets or sharing entire workbook

Multiple Parameters: 1-10 (VLOOKUP only allows 1) - no need to concatenate fields

Return multiple values: (VLOOKUP only allows 1) or a complex calculation

Simplify: Encapsulate your Excel business logic in one place

Productive: Better alternative to VLOOKUP / INDEX / MATCH Excel functions

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ExcelDBTools examples:

ExcelDBTools custom Excel Function
ExcelDBTools custom Excel Function get price example

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